Saturday, February 02, 2013

Just What I Needed

I'm sitting by the fountain downtown Santa Rosa, currently listening the Deftones, which followed The Swell Season. Random is great.

The dream I had in my head for today was to walk into town from my house, then spend time at the library, reading and doing homework, maybe followed by a coffee and more reading. Well, I got out of the house too late, so I didn't want to be responsible for seven miles of walking plus chill in the time allotted to me, so I started driving, looking for somewhere a bit closer to still have some enjoyable walking time and chill time.

I ended up parking by the lovely, if mostly dormant, Luther Burbank Home and Gardens, where I believe that I saw a girl and some friends taking pictures for her quinceaƱera. She had a puffy, bright orange dress on, and there was a group of boys all in black suits wearing fedoras with either a florescent orange or pink band around it. (Now that I think about it, it may have been a prom or something, with another girl that I didn't see wearing a pink dress.)

After parking, I got the idea to go to the movies. With a 2:50 showing of Warm Bodies ahead of me, I put on my backpack, turned on a Greg Boyd sermon, and headed to the library. I was there for the third in a steampunk YA series set in WWI, and ended up shoving three more fat YA books in my pack with those.
From there, I headed over to the movies and decided to get some ice cream for my troubles.

The movie was fantastic. I actually teared up a bit, even though I normally don't like zombie stuff. When I saw the preview for this movie, I just knew I would like it. It is a little weird, though, to find Marcus from About A Boy (one of my favorites) as a hottie lead in a movie. Whatever. I'm old.

After that, I walked up to my husband's work, just to briefly see his face and give him a kiss. Good stuff. It's a little cold, and the dog needs to eat, but I'm having such a peaceful day that I just don't want to go home yet.

I needed this. I get a lot of time to myself, but I stay home mostly. Money has been tight, and there really is no such thing as extra money right now, but I needed to not feel poor for a day. I get sick of wishing I could go to the movies more often. I miss living close to downtown. This was good for my soul.